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You Need This Skillset To Move Up In Your Organization

Hello Achievers,

How many panels have you been on where this question is asked by an audience member: “What is the best thing I can do for my career?” It’s a legitimate question that deserves an honest answer.

I’ve heard frequent responses, like define your goals, build a strong network, consider moving laterally for career growth, etc. Yet, one tip that isn’t shared enough is “Get comfortable with public speaking.”

Sure, you should have goals and make connections that can provide access to potential opportunities, but what happens when your skills, experience, and knowledge aren’t being articulated well to those who now need your expertise?

Being a confident and articulate public speaker can enhance your professional image and credibility. Colleagues, superiors, and clients are more likely to trust and respect those who can express themselves clearly and persuasively.

Perhaps you’re curious, “How can public speaking help me get a promotion if I’m just starting my career? Can public speaking truly help me get a promotion? A raise? A new job?”

Let’s talk about that.

My company provides businesses with learning and development tools to support their employees in cultivating and developing a sustainable culture that enhances the organization. To do that, we are always considering what tools are needed within the business structure for overall company success and for the people who are depended on to reach organizational success. That’s you!

While developing speakers, I've had the pleasure of working with senior executives and professional speakers. I’ve also encountered a number of speakers who are just starting out, work for someone else, and are seeking speaking opportunities. What this has taught me is that public speaking has the potential to open up a number of opportunities for professionals, such as:

Career Growth and Visibility

Man presenting in front of his peers and manager

Public speaking skills are indispensable, as they are essential not only when leaders are expected to deliver speeches and presentations but also for fostering effective communication within a team. Whether your objective is to inform, convince, or motivate, the underlying principle remains consistent.

You can gain visibility within your organization as a good speaker, which can put you in line for new projects, new opportunities to speak at company events and promotions. You’d be surprised at how many HR departments offer public speaking as a part of their employee talent development.

You don’t have to rush to the stage. You can start small.

Man public speaking and presenting in front of small group

As a professional, the idea of potential career growth and visibility is enough to have you grab the mic. Others who may have a fear of public speaking may read this and decide that staying behind the curtain is best. I want to encourage you and share that speaking opportunities exist at all levels.

You can start by looking for opportunities within your organization. Consider small presentations, local meetups, or speaking at a local school as your preparation for the bigger stage. The more you practice the better you will be and the less nervous you will become.

In a nutshell, public speaking can significantly enhance your career prospects. Take the smaller steps to enhance your proficiency in this area, and you can enjoy advantages such as career advancement and increased access to industry insights and knowledge.

Don't miss out on setting up your people for career advancement and having a well-informed workforce. If you are looking for professional development in public speaking for your workforce, let’s connect! After all, what benefits your people benefits your organization! - schedule a call with me today!

Stay tuned for more insights in our upcoming newsletters!

Onward and Upward,

Stephanie Markovic

CEO, Utmost Potential



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