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My Leap of Liberation: From “Dream Job” to True Happiness

Hello Fellow Achievers, 

I hope your February has been productive and full of reasons to find gratitude. As I began drafting this month’s newsletter and considering the many things I am grateful for,  I was reminded of a pivotal moment in my life—one that reshaped my perspective and set me on a path of authenticity and fulfillment. 

It all started with an article I read from Harvard Business Review called What to Do When You’ve Made a Bad Decision. This article truly struck a chord with me. Right out of college, I landed my dream job as a pharmaceutical sales representative. I was passionate about my work for the first six years, but life took a turn when I transitioned into a new role that didn't resonate with my happiness.

Despite the dissatisfaction, I hesitated to make a change. 'Everyone wants to be a pharma rep,' I thought. 'I have a company car,' I justified. 'I've been here for seven years; what would I do next?' Then, one morning, I woke up and quit my job. Just like that. It wasn't the most prudent decision considering I had a mortgage and responsibilities, but I couldn't endure the dissatisfaction any longer. The first year post-decision wasn't easy, but it became a pivotal time in my life.

I had to come to grips with the fact that I had been holding onto a position because I thought I was supposed to. Influenced by the career paths of admired young professional women, I thought it was the trajectory I should follow. However, the leap taught me a valuable lesson at a blossoming 29 years of age—this is my life, my decision, and my future. 

No longer do I pursue endeavors solely for money or status. As a result, my life’s journey with its many ebs and flows has been incredibly liberating and transformative. I couldn’t be more grateful for that article written by Dorie Clark. She may not know it, but her words pushed me to remedy my own bad decision. 

So, if you find yourself clinging to something that no longer serves you, my advice is to self-examine, identify a remedy, and take either the small steps or the big leap toward liberation. Your journey is uniquely yours, and embracing change can lead to a life more authentic and fulfilling than you could ever imagine.

Thank you for allowing me to share a bit-size piece of my journey with you. I look forward to connecting and hearing your stories of gratitude and change.

Wishing you a journey filled with courage, growth, and joy. Happy Valentine's Day!

Onward and Upward,

CEO, Utmost Potential



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